Friday, November 16, 2012

A new wreath and some pyrex (of course)!

Our MOPS group (Mother's of Preschoolers) is known for having great crafts (for which I cannot take any credit whatsoever). One of our first ones this year was to make a wreath using old-fashioned clothes pins. Basically, you use the inside ring from an embroidery hoop, some card board, cut and glued around that outer edge, and lots of hot glue to stick the clothes pins onto the board. I used a piece of lace I had at home to dress this one up for the Fall season. I was thinking about a Christmas ribbon until I found a Christmas ball wreath on Pinterest and got busy on that project--I will be finishing my Christmas wreath up and posting in a few days. 

Anyway, here is the lovely wreath adorning my door right now... 

On my rounds Pyrex hunting, I came across this beautiful oval casserole with the warmer/holder. I believe this pattern is call "Golden Flowers" but I can't seem to find much information about it besides that. The background color is a lovely light olive green that is very hard to photograph. 

Much to my utter excitement, we got a brand new Goodwill really close to our house! I was very excited about opening day, but I drove by and decided to forego it when I saw the crowded parking lot. Plus, I had two little girls in the back who would have made the trek inside even more difficult. So, I finally got to go a few days ago and had my first ever Pyrex find at a Goodwill! I think it's forecasting a great future for this Goodwill, Pyrex, and I. 

This very cute 1.5 quart bowl is such a pretty shade of blue. I haven't figured out which line it came from or what the lid would have looked like. It is pretty pristine and was only $3. I went back to Goodwill tonight and did seem some Pyrex and Corelle that I already have (several Spring blossoms tea cups and two creamers). I also saw a small Woodland cinderella bowl, but left it for another Pyrex lover. It has some wear and no lid. However, if I dream about it tonight. I may have to go back for it tomorrow!