Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Pyrex...

It's surprisingly a cool day here in Missouri in July. So cool in fact that I broke out the Pumpkin Spice tea. My advice is to get yourself some!

I also took the opportunity of cooler weather to photograph some pyrex pieces I have gotten in the last two weeks.

Green 502 Fridgie with lid

-clear 10oz bowls with adorable handles! Not sure how old they are but they were .50 cents each at Goodwill!

-Lime tea cup, saucer, and plate set

-Gooseberry 442

-Meadow Promotional Oval Casserole (1.5 Q 043) 1960 Promotional 

-Best of all, I completed my Primary Bowl set! I had the blue 401 since I started collecting. It was my first piece of pyrex that I'd gotten a long time ago. The red 402, green 403, and yellow 404 were all at a local thrift store. They are in pretty good shape with a few scratches and dirty rims. I think it's time I finally try Bar Keepers Friend myself to clean these up. Stayed tuned for a cleaning report.

-My bestie visited in early July and I snagged this Flamingo 8X8 dish in great condition. I've been needing an 8X8 since I broke our clear one about a year ago :)

Hopefully I'll add to my Pyrex posts and get up some posts about kids activities and sewing today or tomorrow!