Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First trip to our antique mall...

On Sunday, I decided to drive over to our closest antique mall to quell my pyrex craving. I'd never been before but from what I'd read online, I knew it would be pricey. There were definitely a lot of beauties there! A couple of the neat pieces I saw were: 
-complete set of Amish Cinderella mixing bowls $65 
-complete primary colors refrigerator set $60
-a couple of oval snowflake casseroles with lids $15-25 
-Delphite mixing bowls set $45 (I believe) 

Being the thrifty (aka cheap) shopper that I am, I purchased these cute pieces instead of the pricer ones! 

Town and Country Cinderella casserole for $4.00! I've never seen Town and Country in this exact print, but I love how subtle it is!  

Homestead fridgie w/o lid $3.99! I was excited to have a speckled piece--so cute! 

Dinner on Sunday evening featured some Pyrex! On a side note, if you don't have new Pioneer Woman cookbook, get one! We had the Rib-eye with Blue-Cheese Onion sauce, smashed potatoes, and roast cauliflower. Plus, we got a few ears of heirloom corn (Country Gentleman) out of our garden.  You can also see some of my Corelle dishes in the photo and one of my favorite pieces: the Spring Blossoms salt and pepper shakers! 

Thrifting Project!

My friend, DeAnne, and I went on a thrifting expedition last weekend! I didn't find any pyrex on our day out but I did snag this cool metal flower pot holder for $6. 

Yesterday, the girls and I made a trip to Lowes and bought some terra cotta flower pots to fit in the holder and some awesome aqua color spray paint! 

Will update when this beauty is painted in her retro lovely color! I hope this can be my "herb garden station" next summer. For Fall, I may just have to plunk some mums in here! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

More Pyrex!

Here are a couple of other pieces I've picked up lately: 

 This snowflake casserole was one of the first pyrex pieces I bought. It was hidden away in an antique store. After seeing no pyrex, I asked the cashier to make sure I wasn't over looking anything and she pulled out this piece! 

 Snowflake Cinderella bowl

 This is probably one of my favorite pieces so far: a Pyrex Juice Jar! My best friend, Savannah and I randomly stopped in an antique store in Lexington, Kentucky a couple of weeks ago and found this. There was so much pyrex in the store! It was hard not to want everything! Savannah has a pretty good eye for pyrex and helped me find several pieces. I can't wait to go home again so we can shop together some more! 

 A couple of refrigerator dishes: butterfly gold, Early American, and blue. I actually have a duplicate of the butterfly gold fridgie, but it doesn't have a lid. Currently, it's cheering up my sink and holding sponges.

 Smaller Butterfly Gold Casserole with matching lid

 My mom and I found this measuring cup while we were out antiquing in Kentucky. According to what I can find, Pyrex made these in the 1941 and mine is for dry goods. 

Several sunflower yellow and orange cinderella bowls in various sizes. My mom and I found this set for $25! There is a 5th orange bowl, but it is pretty scratched up. There was only one lid with the set, but I found lids for the two smaller bowls last weekend for $1.99 each! I was super-excited! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Love for Vintage Pyrex...

I have a love for all things vintage and shabby chic. I think I was around thirteen when I had my first subscription to Country Living Magazine. So, it was pretty natural that I recently fell in love with collecting vintage Pyrex. I love how the pieces are so bright and fun! I can't help but smile whenever I open my cabinets or prepare food in them. Here are a couple of my recent finds and favorites. 

 I found this Amish print large refrigerator dish at a local thrift store this weekend. I was so excited, as I have been coveting the Amish print since I started looking at Pyrex. I just love the aqua color and the fact that it is in pristine condition was a bonus! 

 Another thrift store goody, this cinderella casserole dish has the plastic holder and a beautiful lid. I've heard that it's called Ocean Filagree but I am not sure if the bowl is the original matching piece or not. It's gorgeous! 

 A couple Butterfly Gold Mixing Bowls 

A wheat cinderella bowl and Crazy Daisies mixing bowl! 

Heirloom Gardening...

We have two large raised gardening beds in our backyard this year (four if you count the strawberry bed and the other waiting for fall crops) planted in entirely heirloom seeds from the lovely Baker Seed Company here in Missouri (www.rareseeds.com). If you haven't heard of Baker Seeds, definitely go check them out and order one of their catalogs for the Spring. The photography is gorgeous and will certainly cheer you on those dreary winter days! Be sure to order in the Fall, as the limit of free catalogs quickly gets taken.

 Lovely heirloom Sunflower

 This is a purple heirloom tomato that is on the brink of being ripe. The flesh is actually a deep red/purple color with lots of flavor! 

 I believe this corn is called Country Gentleman

 Yellow Squash 

 Okra anyone? 

These are some Missouri Pole Beans growing on our green bean teepee. Kurt fashioned this fun structure using some PVC piping, string, and some nuts and blots (and a drill, of course!).  I absolutely love this idea, as our girls can go inside and play. We may have to do a larger one in the future! 

This summer Kurt perfected our raised gardening beds--creating them out of cedar with removable sides so we can get in to weed and harvest while keeping the critters out. I'll post some photos of his design soon. He's received lots of compliments, so I think they are worthy of being emulated! 

I'll also keep you up-to-date on our harvest and post photos of our seeds and names incase you want to try them for yourself! It's been a very hot and dry summer here in Missouri, so we are watering with soaker hoses and trying harder than we ever have to keep our garden alive! Hopefully, we still get a pretty nice harvest this year. The squash and tomatoes have already been pretty tasty!