Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First trip to our antique mall...

On Sunday, I decided to drive over to our closest antique mall to quell my pyrex craving. I'd never been before but from what I'd read online, I knew it would be pricey. There were definitely a lot of beauties there! A couple of the neat pieces I saw were: 
-complete set of Amish Cinderella mixing bowls $65 
-complete primary colors refrigerator set $60
-a couple of oval snowflake casseroles with lids $15-25 
-Delphite mixing bowls set $45 (I believe) 

Being the thrifty (aka cheap) shopper that I am, I purchased these cute pieces instead of the pricer ones! 

Town and Country Cinderella casserole for $4.00! I've never seen Town and Country in this exact print, but I love how subtle it is!  

Homestead fridgie w/o lid $3.99! I was excited to have a speckled piece--so cute! 

Dinner on Sunday evening featured some Pyrex! On a side note, if you don't have new Pioneer Woman cookbook, get one! We had the Rib-eye with Blue-Cheese Onion sauce, smashed potatoes, and roast cauliflower. Plus, we got a few ears of heirloom corn (Country Gentleman) out of our garden.  You can also see some of my Corelle dishes in the photo and one of my favorite pieces: the Spring Blossoms salt and pepper shakers! 

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  1. Sweet finds. I love your table set up- It looks so vintage. Hugs.