Friday, July 27, 2012

More Pyrex!

Here are a couple of other pieces I've picked up lately: 

 This snowflake casserole was one of the first pyrex pieces I bought. It was hidden away in an antique store. After seeing no pyrex, I asked the cashier to make sure I wasn't over looking anything and she pulled out this piece! 

 Snowflake Cinderella bowl

 This is probably one of my favorite pieces so far: a Pyrex Juice Jar! My best friend, Savannah and I randomly stopped in an antique store in Lexington, Kentucky a couple of weeks ago and found this. There was so much pyrex in the store! It was hard not to want everything! Savannah has a pretty good eye for pyrex and helped me find several pieces. I can't wait to go home again so we can shop together some more! 

 A couple of refrigerator dishes: butterfly gold, Early American, and blue. I actually have a duplicate of the butterfly gold fridgie, but it doesn't have a lid. Currently, it's cheering up my sink and holding sponges.

 Smaller Butterfly Gold Casserole with matching lid

 My mom and I found this measuring cup while we were out antiquing in Kentucky. According to what I can find, Pyrex made these in the 1941 and mine is for dry goods. 

Several sunflower yellow and orange cinderella bowls in various sizes. My mom and I found this set for $25! There is a 5th orange bowl, but it is pretty scratched up. There was only one lid with the set, but I found lids for the two smaller bowls last weekend for $1.99 each! I was super-excited! 


  1. Ooo- I really want to find some refrigerator dishes-they look awesome.

  2. They are! I think they are my favorite, but a little harder to find/more popular. I got this book at the library and it helped me figure out prices and prints

    Of course, if you can hit a goodwill or a yard sale, then you can scoop them up cheap!