Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Its hard to believe that it's already 2017! We're approaching the one year anniversary of Max's adoption finalization. He has grown so much since then! Last year, he was still a such a chubby little guy who wasn't moving around very much. He's now a speed demon who is into everything! Max is such a joy to be around. He does have a little stubborn side that has started to show, but he's usually a very happy guy. He loves Baby Signing Time, cars, books, and being outside. He also loves having "car races" around the house with his sisters, who also like to take a spin on his ride-on toys. Some of his favorite words are tractor, cars, go-go, eat, more, thank you, shoes, mama, dada, mamaw, papaw, out, up, and uh-oh. He is very into music and loves to dance. We've even caught him trying to mimic words from songs lately. He is pretty good at humming and imitating "That's What Makes You Beautiful" 😅 He's such a character! He has had two haircuts so far. Both times made me want to cry! I love his curly long hair, but it was nice to see his ears and to make sure it wasn't in his eyes all the time!! 

We are thankful for each day we have with Max! He is such a blessing to our family! 

Here's a little recap of the last few months, including his 1st Birthday party! 

 Swimming Summer 2016 

 In our ADOPT Shirts! We should have bought one for Max!! AH! 

Playing outside 
Wild Things Smash Cake! 

First Birthday Party 

Smash cake 

Max's big cake (both cakes were made by mommy!) 

First Haircut at Disney World

Our first family Disney trip with my parents! 

Max's first trip to the beach 

Where the Wild Things Are Photo Shoot 
Photos by Jen Shouse 

Photo by Jen Shouse 

Photo by Jen Shouse 

First Hay Ride 

Fall Leaves 

Halloween with Scooby and the Gang! Max was Freddy! 

Merry Christmas in our jammies! 

Valentines Day Party at his sisters' school 

Swinging in the park!