Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's been too long!

As many of you know, we moved from Saint Peters to Lexington, Kentucky! We technically moved in October and stayed with my parents until we bought and closed on our new house this January! Now that we have a house the decorating, unpacking, and crafting is going full steam. Here are a few photos of what I've been up to and some of the Pyrex I've collected lately! 

I am definitely a ditz about the price of paint! When did that stuff get so expensive?! Here are some of the colors I have been looking at for accent walls, the girls' bathroom and our bedroom! I'm thinking of being brave and choosing Emerald Isle for our master bedroom. I think it will look nice with our new white iron Ikea bed! 

This is our tiny breakfast nook! I haven't painted in here yet, but the walls are going to be a teal called "mermaid's song". The unfinished pine table will be painted white and we have wooden chairs to match that will be painted a slightly darker turquoise color---matching Butterprint Pyrex, of course! The funky white chairs are for or our dining room. The Billy bookcase with glass doors from IKEA will house my favorite pieces of Pyrex!!

This is the living room wall--well a section of it! You can see the lovely boxes of our wooden chairs in here too :). I'm painting the wall here "Fresh Peaches" and will accent the room with shades or orange and turquoise. 

This is my awesome reclaimed mantle! Thank you Aunt Betty! There are additional "boxes" that make the bottom chunkier. This will go in the living room, probably with some cool fabric filling the opening until we install an electric fireplace or something in a few years. Should I leave it rough or finish it by filling in the wood and painting bright white?!

I have found a bit of Pyrex lately. This Bridal promotional casserole is so cute, especially for spring! It was just $6.99 in great condition! 

Here's another divided dish (I'm the queen of divided dishes!). I love this black scroll promotional and plan to use it for Halloween! 

My best friend Savannah surprised me with this Christmas promotional dish! I will have to share the whole story and post a better photo later. Let's just say I am completely oblivious when shopping! I love this dish and have wanted it for so long. I kept passing it up at this one store probably three or four times! Now it's mine! 

Here's a bit more of the the kitchen. Notice the utter chaos that is this house :) 

This is the dining room area near the front door. The accent wall is a Salmon color that I love! I plan for the space by the window to be a sitting area. 

I love this black extendable dining table form ikea! It can seat 10! My funky white chairs will go with this and a funky light fixture that I also got from ikea, below, and the art work sitting by the table will also go on the wall. I think I need a rug though...

Pillows with cute covers that match the orange shades and turquoise in the living room! 

This is my funky dining room light from Ikea. It's made of awesome white paper flowers. It will probably take me 3 to 5 years to assemble! 

As you can see we are busy...and that's just the main level of the house! I have the girls' rooms and bathroom to paint, our bedroom to paint, guest room to fix up, a loft/play/school area to make pretty, and a whole basement to deal with! There will be lots of posts :)

We also have a much smaller backyard, so it's my goal to see what kind of garden we are going to do! Raised beds, definitely and probably lots of focus on the principles in the book "The Square-foot Gardener"--growing vertically! We're close to my parents, so we have access to fresh strawberry fields, chickens (and hopefully eggs soon!), a barn and country fun too! 

Looking forward to making this house...home!