Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Love for Vintage Pyrex...

I have a love for all things vintage and shabby chic. I think I was around thirteen when I had my first subscription to Country Living Magazine. So, it was pretty natural that I recently fell in love with collecting vintage Pyrex. I love how the pieces are so bright and fun! I can't help but smile whenever I open my cabinets or prepare food in them. Here are a couple of my recent finds and favorites. 

 I found this Amish print large refrigerator dish at a local thrift store this weekend. I was so excited, as I have been coveting the Amish print since I started looking at Pyrex. I just love the aqua color and the fact that it is in pristine condition was a bonus! 

 Another thrift store goody, this cinderella casserole dish has the plastic holder and a beautiful lid. I've heard that it's called Ocean Filagree but I am not sure if the bowl is the original matching piece or not. It's gorgeous! 

 A couple Butterfly Gold Mixing Bowls 

A wheat cinderella bowl and Crazy Daisies mixing bowl! 


  1. So cute! It is hard to believe that you are collecting them now- I hated them when I was a kid because they "were so ugly." Amazing how we change as we grow.

  2. Taryn, I think part of the reason I like them is for nostalgia! I have always loved bright colors though. You should see our house at Christmas :D.

    I also remember distinctly disliking the name Hazel and Mabel when I was younger. I specifically remember thinking, "I would never name my child Hazel." It's funny how we change!!