Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pyrex Pick-up

This weekend, I was able to go home to Kentucky and pick up the Pyrex my sweet Aunt Ruby and Aunt Betty had been picking up for me. My darling mama had also gotten me a few pieces! 

Completed refrigerator set! I had the yellow and blue, and Aunt Ruby brought me the two red fridgies to complete my set!  

 Fridgies from Aunt Ruby 

 My mama scored these two loaf pans--one lime and the next one opal white. I love them both! 

 Lime pie plate found by mama! 

 Pink Daisy small casserole! It's a bit faded but mom found a great deal, so she got it for me! 

 Spring Blossoms butter dish--can't remember if Aunt Ruby or Aunt Betty snagged this! 

 Woodland gravy boat and dish found by Aunt Betty! Our old gravy boat is super tiny, so I am excited about this one! 

 Butterprint Cinderella 403

Butterprint Fridgie found by Aunt Betty--now I only need the two smaller ones to have a butterprint set! 

Today I stopped by one of my thrift stores and saw several Pyrex pieces: very faded blue and pink fridgies, a Verde Divided Dish with lid, and this Verde green 403 bowl. I passed on the other items, but brought this beauty home with me for $6. 

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  1. That's a lot of nice Pyrex in a short time!!! Enjoy!