Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Christmas Decorating!

Christmas decorating has always been a big deal to me. My parents love to decorate and my dad in particular always loves to get ready for Christmas. One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is lying in my bed watching our large multi-colored bulbs shining into my room through the frosty windows as I was falling asleep. Needless to say, I have a love of those big old-fashioned bulbs (which do grace the outside of our house) and all things bright and colorful. So, if you consider white Christmas lights the elegant and best, my house is probably much too gaudy for you! :)
Our house has these fun plant shelves! They are fun to decorate but hard to photograph well!
My favorite piece here is the vintage trunk that graces this shelf year round.

Excuse the cords and toys below! One very active 18-month-old and a 4-year-old live here!

Our matching stockings are hand-knitted by my best friend, Savannah Sipple!

Savannah also supplied the majority of my Willow Tree nativity. I love the simplicity of this set, though I need my dream home to display it properly. One day....
Until then, the girls love to look at it and rearrange the pieces when I am not looking!

Our tree is all things bright! I'll have to come back and post some photos of her in all her lit glory! We do have the "old-fashioned bubble lights" on the tree and a bevy of our Hallmark ornaments!

This year, the kitchen had to be as bright as my wintery Pyrex collection! I went with lots of sparkle and some bright pink and aqua colors!
One of my Pyrex shelves: Snowflake divided dish, a snowflake space saver casserole, and a Horizon Blue refrigerator dish.
Pyrex shelf #2: Compass divided dish with carrier, Snowflake Garland Cinderella bowl and casserole, and a snowflake oval casserole.

This glittery reindeer was just too cute. He had to come live with us!

One of my other favorite finds were the pink glittery trees! They compliment the vintage vibe and are so cute! I also love my lantern filled with baubles and balls.

Kitchen view---my favorite piece (besides the Pyrex, of course) might very well be this wreath I made. There's nothing but a coat hanger and Christmas balls threaded on it (a really easy project). My mom added the bow for me. I was hoping to put this on the front door but it's too thick to fit between the door and screen door. Anyway, it turns out it was made for the kitchen and found a home there.

Hope you have fun decorating for the holidays! I love seeing my daughters get so excited about each item we put out. My oldest is so excited over our tree and loves to show each guest all of our special ornaments. It means so much for me to watch her and know that she'll be sharing these memories of our Christmas one day.

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