Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Treasures and a Christmas Preview

Summer seems to be waning earlier here this year and we've had some cooler than normal August weather. Our garden seems to be doing well though and we are now getting lots of juicy tomatoes each day! My favorites are the "Dr. Welche's Yellow Tomatoes" a great heirloom variety. I'm really excited about the black cherry tomatoes which are starting to just get ripe! 

Anyway, I finally got to get up early and go out to garage sales this summer. It's hard for be to get up early because...I hate it :). When I found out my favorite antique store was have a clearance event at their warehouse, I had to go! My friend, DeAnne, and I got up and made the trek down there. I found 2 awesome 50s style chairs for our "school" area that I'll have to photograph, and I also found these treasures at the sale and at their store location! 

I love this bit of pyrex! I've eyed this promotion piece for a bit and snagged it when I saw it hiding in a corner on the floor! This beauty should never go in the floor! It's a Green Wheat promo dish from 1960 (a 2 qt space saver dish) with the original cradle! 

While we were shopping, I got brave and tried on these vintage dresses! They fit so well, they came home with me. Now to iron them (I hate ironing and did wash them, just so you know I'm not wear someone else's 1960s sweat). I also got this cute orange apron for $1. DeAnne has one to match ;) 

Now, I know Christmas is still far off, but I couldn't help getting a family shot of my Christmas Pyrex with the new Snowflake oval casserole I found for $7 recently. It was in excellent condition and fits with my little Christmas collection nicely. I'll be looking forward to displaying these this year! Now, to get some more orange and black/white Pyrex for Halloween! 

Also, I love love love Her life planners are amazing and this is my Lesson Planner...Yes, I am homeschooling a Kindergartener this year. Yes, I am crazy. We'll see how this goes, but I have an awesome kid to teach, so that should make things go better :)

Till next time!



  1. Looks great! I wish we could have seen you in your dresses holding your Pyrex. It'd be a blast from the past. :). hugs

  2. I love the Green Wheat space saver you found, and you definitely look ready for Christmas! As a former homeschooling mom, you will do great! Nobody loves your child more than you do, and you will both be richly rewarded! My kids are 24 and 21 and we seem to have an extra special bond due to homeschooling! Best wishes!