Sunday, September 1, 2013

Garden Progress and the chairs I promised...

We finally have green beans! Our green bean tee-pee yielded a nice bowl of heirloom Missouri Pole beans. Picking them was fun, as they had started to grow in with the grapevine that covers our fence behind them. It was like hide-n-seek! 

One of our largest sunflowers broke this week, so it was time to dry and roast the seeds. I cheated a bit and dried them in the dehydrator for a few hours before roasting. I wish that I had soaked them in salt water for a salty flavor but they are still pretty tasty! 

Last but not least, I promised a photo of the chairs I scored at the antique sale a few weeks ago. They were $10 each and are in great condition. I love the design and the color. They are actually really comfortable to sit in too! We've enjoyed using them for school and for my new Usborne Books business venture!

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  1. Your garden looks like it is flourishing, yummy green beans. Soaking your seeds first can actually make them more nutritious as well. You should look into soaking grains, seeds and nuts and see what you think. Finally, adorable chairs. Seriously.