Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We're Active: Week 8, a Birthday Party, and Mother's Day

This weekend we were able to finally celebrate M's 4th Birthday! She was so excited to finally have it be "party day" and counted down till Saturday all week. We were also blessed that so many friends and family members could come even though we had to switch the day. It was particularly nice that we were able to have a great time with some friends from church while our kiddos played. The fellowship that we have with our small group has been so important to us feeling at home here in Kentucky. We also appreciate how they challenge us and encourage us! So basically, I think Kurt and I enjoyed the party as much as the girls did! 

This weekend was also Mother's Day! The girls helped me make a creative gift for their Grandma and Mamaw, but I won't share them here yet, as Grandma won't get hers until they visit next week! K and the girls also treated me to dinner out Sunday evening. We all had fun at Chewy's (a Mexican-style restaurant). I was just happy to have a Dr. Pepper! K was able to get a photo of the three of us in our matching skirts after church. As you can tell, we all look a bit tired! Probably the best gift I had that day was an afternoon nap! Thank you, K! 

Things have been rather quiet this week with adoption news. It is probably a blessing that our consultants were able to catch up because they had five babies born in 2 days last week. I love seeing their updates on families and being able to pray for and rejoice with them. One of the birth moms we are presenting to should have gotten our book last Friday, so hopefully, we will hear news this week. Last night, we were also sent two profiles and chose to present to one of those moms. There have only been 2 or 3 out of almost 20 cases we haven't chosen to present to and those were difficult decisions. Whether the decision is based on the financial burden we can bare or other factors, saying "no" is very hard for me. I've spent a lot of time in prayer about wisdom and having God lead us to the right answer in unity and, praise Him, that is exactly what has happened. Last night, both Kurt and I responded with the same thoughts, in unity, and we knew that God was leading us to answer in this way at this time. 

We are continuing to save and raise funds for when we are matched. Our adopttogether account is still active and we have a little over $2,400 in that account! If you'd like to share or donate the link to that account is here: Adopttogether Your donation is a tax-free, so you'll be able to get a tax deduction for your donation. We also won't have to pay taxes on what we receive and we don't have to handle the money physically. Adopttogether can pay our agency directly! It's really a great program and a great way to give, if you are so inclined. We're also planning another yard sale...probably mid-June. 

Above all, we appreciate your prayers. Pray for our birth mother and our future son/daughter. More than likely she is already pregnant and our little one is growing this very day! We pray for safety, protection, and good health for our birth mother and our little one. Please pray for wisdom, increased faith, and a deeper relationship with Christ for K and I as we wait. Also pray that God will make financial provisions available as we need them. Thank you! 

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