Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Thank You Post

At Grandma's House before we finally made it home!

Newborn photos 

First Halloween 

First Christmas 

Learning how to sit in the highchair 

Superman was adopted too! 

First Easter

Big Boy! 

10 months old

Our Maxwell is almost 11 months old. It's so hard to believe that almost a year has passed by, but in two days (June 24th) we will celebrate the First Anniversary of the day we were matched! What a crazy beautiful day that was! 

Often, when I am rocking Max to sleep, I sit in awe and contemplate God's grace in bringing this sweet boy into our home. I also think about each person who graciously helped us to bring our son home. So, on this eve-eve of our match anniversary, I wanted to post a special thank you to the hands and feet that helped to bring Max home to our family. 

So many of you bought t-shirts or cards, came to our yard sale, donated items, allowed us the privilege of babysitting your kiddos, donated time and money, and even selflessly worked for a day (not to mention sending out all those sponsorship letters) for our Both Hands project. Many sponsored a worker and a special friend even donated some skilled labor to create a new deck for Miss Penny in our project (You can still watch the video about this very special fundraiser that we did that also benefited Miss Penny here:  ). And the blessings just spilled over and over! 

Life with three busy children leaves little time for lengthy thank you notes, but please know we are THANKFUL. We think of you every time we look down at Maxwell! If it hadn't been for your love, support and prayers--for you holding up our arms when we were weary, we wouldn't be loving on this beautiful son of ours right now. 

Maxwell is thriving! He's healthy, chubby, and so much fun! Right now, he's learning how to pull up and can get around surprisingly fast with an amazing army-crawl. He loves to growl and jabber and is probably one of the easiest going babies I have been around! He loves the water and is enjoying pool time this summer. His sisters adore him and Mabelle often says, "Max is the cutest baby ever!" We agree! 

This year, we were blessed to finally sell our house (you might remember the one that was a rental property and suffered a fire) and Kurt was able to apply for and get a job that he's wanted for a long time! We are still working on paying off our adoption loans, but are so thankful for God's provision so far and are trusting in Him for the rest.

 Maxwell's adoption was finalized on March 28th, acknowledging to the world, what we already knew--he's our son! Each month, we send photos and a letter to our adoption agency, praying fervently for Maxwell's birth mom. I can't begin to express how much we love her, how we long to hear from her. 

I promise to try to post some other updates as his first birthday approaches! 

With love,