Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Tidings

It may still be humid and we may have just had temperatures in the 90s, but when my calendar flips to September, my heart always turns to autumn. Perhaps my mother, a lover of all things fall and a terrific decorator, instilled it in my blood. I must decorate! Here's  a small taste of what is making my house feel a little more "homey" these days! I won't overwhelm you with every trinket or bob---I'll save that for Christmas. You ain't seen nothin' yet! 

First Fall crafting project: This pumpkin wreath made from decorator wire mesh! I was going to hang it on my front door, but it was too pretty not to enjoy inside. 

 I found the instructions for this project at Fleur de lis and Football
All the materials came from Hobby Lobby and it probably took me around 2 hours to complete. However, it would have gone faster if my orange mesh had been in the 4 inch rolls instead of a giant roll that had to be cut into sections!

 Tea rose from our flower garden 

 What better place for a rose, than a Spring Blossoms tea cup! 

 My mama took me shopping and bought me one of these cool lanterns! I decided to fill it up with fall leaves and pine cones. For Christmas, I'll empty it and do some ornaments or sparkly stuff (I'm a big fan of sparkle!). 

 Fall Pyrex on display--some Early American, Golden Butterfly, and Autumn Wheat. I also have a couple of milk glass vases that I love to fill with seasonal flowers. 

 Other Fall Pyrex shelf (plus lots of Pre-school projects stuffed on the right!)-- Compass promotional and a Butterfly Gold oval casserole. 

 Cute, tiny kitchen ready for Autumn! And, yes, we do have children--note the magnetic filled door and the stuffed organizer! 

 My mom, who is a sewing whiz, whipped up a new table runner for me! 

 Mama also got crafty and made me a new purse for the season! Yes, I am trying to learn how to sew from her. No, I am not nearly as good! I did help by picking out the pattern and materials! Ha ha! 

 Some lemon basil camping out in a blue fridgie--just waiting for dinner time! 

 Yes, I have mums out already! 

 Season's greeting on the front porch

 Mama's helper breaking beans

Harvest time for some heirloom Missouri Pole beans and Old Gentleman cucumbers

Happy Harvest, everyone! 

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  1. You sure are ready for fall! I am too- but only in my heart- the decor hasn't made it out yet.