Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Pyrex during a busy, busy time...

Fall is upon us! If not so much in the form of cooler weather, then in the form of all sorts of activities gearing up for our family. Preschool has started, I am in the throws of getting MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) started again, we're doing Awana, and the hubby is helping in youth group. In the midst of this crazy-busy time for us, I've managed to find a couple of treasures! 

First up, a treasure from my sweet husband! 

Yes, I already have a compass divided dish--here's the story: Saw a great retro sell on Craig's List that was near Kurt's work. So excited! He took time off and went over there to look. Things were disappointing in the pyrex department--only a red hostess dish in poor shape with no lid. *Tears* So feeling bad for his poor pyrex-desparate wife, he made another trip down to The Future Antiques and picked this beauty up. I was so excited to see that it has the divided lid, as well as the very odd looking carrying handle. It kinda scares me to pick it up using the handle, but it really works!

The more I look at this dish, the more I love the simplistic beauty of the black on white. I think I'll keep my lidless version for a bit. I'd love to use it in our bathroom or bed room, but our bathroom sink is the size of a postage stamp! We shall see where the twin ends up! 

 Butterprint!!! While our oldest was at Grandma's for the night, Kurt and I took our fifteen-month-old on a drive to some stores I'd never visited. In the second one we stopped at, I found these beauties! I love the cinderella casseroles and these smaller versions are adorable. I absolutely love the tiny one on the top! 

The print seems so small on this baby dish--love! 

Found this lighter green divided dish with a Verde lid last week at a local consignment store. It's in beautiful condition and the dish as well as some of the olives look like a more lime green than my other oval casserole with the verde lid. 

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  1. Nice finds dear. Hope you are enjoying the busy.