Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some new Pyrex after a busy week!

I think we have a Pyrex drought here in St. Louis to match our summer long drought! I've found some interesting pieces, even some Flamingo Pink, at thrift and antique stores, but it seems like most pieces are over-priced and also in poor condition. Hazel and I (yes, I take my four-year-old antiquing) spent a Saturday morning trying a few new places. These are the goodies we found: 

 This is my first piece in pink--Gooseberry Cinderella Casserole. I was very excited when I found this little sweetie at our last stop! 

Found this Butterfly Gold Butter Dish at a small antique store. They had some Fire King bowls, but no other Pyrex. Hazel and I also found a very cute wooden doll highchair to replace our small plastic one. Thankfully, she had her American Girl Bitty Twin with us and we found out she fit perfectly! 


  1. Ohh pretty pink! Sorry there has been a Pyrex drought- I'm sure you will find tons when you least expect it.

  2. I am not too disheartened. Kurt's probably glad for a break. Plus, I just saw a new project for making a tea tray out of a picture frame, so maybe that will keep be occupied for a bit =)

  3. Oh great find on the pink gooseberry one! I've only ever seen it in antique stores where I live for pretty pricey. I always break down and buy it anyway because I'm such a sucker for it, but I've decided to just say "No more!". Love your spray painted deck project too! -megan @

  4. Megan, I am a sucker for anything pink. I think if it is in good condition I'd consider any price! Ha ha! I did see some pink mixing bowls this weekend in HORRIBLE condition for $65. That was outrageous to me!