Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini Garden/Plant Stand Finished!

Finished painting my plant stand! It took two cans of spray paint. I was very thankful the metal didn't require any sanding or prepping! Hopefully, next summer this will be a mini herb garden on our deck. Until then, I may have to fill the pots with some mums this Fall. I love the aqua color! It's so cheerful and bright! 


  1. Nice- we can't have any pots that small here- the sun would dry it up in a second!

  2. Well, it certainly would have here this year as well! I normally am pretty good at watering every other day in the summer. Although this year, our plants died even with water! I hope it works for us! Maybe we'll get more rain next summer :). It's super dry here and we've had 20+ days in 100+ temps! UGH!