Saturday, November 15, 2014

Calling all my Ju-Ju-Be Pink Ladies!

Shortly before Mabelle was born, I discovered Ju-Ju-Be--the makers of the most awesome diaper bags on the planet. My first bag was a gorgeous Blue Bouquet Packabe! It was the most versatile bag and a backpack to boot! Best of all, it was washable! So began my fantastic love of all Ju-Ju-Be bags and my relationship with the other "Pink Ladies". I really connected with these moms--in the forums online in the "Pink Room" and on Facebook; we chatted about our fab bags and most importantly our lives as moms. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a Pink Lady Get-Together in Colorado Springs, Colorado! We were on vacation in the area and my sweet husband made sure I made it to the party! I was able to meet several Pink Ladies in real life and we had a great time playing games, laughing, and talking about mama stuff! At that GTG, I was lucky enough to win my very own One-of-a-Kind Ju-Ju-Be bag: a gorgeous tan re-colored BeLight! I named her "Desert Jewel" and have loved her ever since! What other company sends free bags in never-before-seen prints to their mamas? I was also fortunate enough to host a GTG in Saint Louis, prior to our move, and again had so much fun connecting with fellow Pink Ladies--and handing out the goodies JJB gave me to distribute--again totally awesome and kind! 

I can't say enough good things about Ju-Ju-Be. Their products are fabulous and their customer service and the community they have created has meant so much to me as a young mom! However, now I feel it is time to let my sweet little OOAK go. Why, you ask? Well, for some time (especially since our move to Kentucky), hubby and I have been praying about and dreaming of adopting! Because of severe illness after both my pregnancies, we decided after our youngest was born, it would be better if I didn't go through that again--and we'd always said there are so many children in the world already that need homes! So, we are preparing to make our final decision on an agency and move forward with that application and a home study. As many of you know, adoption can be very expensive. After a huge move last year, this seems like the most inopportune time to make such a commitment, but after much prayer, we feel it's time to start this process! We are pursing a domestic adoption and if you want more details about that, feel free to email me or ask questions below. 

So, I will be doing a special "Envelope Sale" for my neat-o BeLight! To enter, you will need to send $10 via the paypal "gift" option to Please include your Pink Lady Name (if you have one), your real name, and an email address. Each person who enters is guaranteed to win an virtual envelope--some of those will contain a special recipe and one will contain the OOAK BeLight! 

How will it work? I will generate numbers for each entry via the time stamp once the payment is sent to paypal in a spread sheet. I will create the total number of envelopes IRL in accordance to the total number of entries (100 envelopes for 100 entries).  Then (we'll video it) my husband will let my girls draw out the winning number! That person will receive the BeLight and a Ju-Ju-Be Shopper Tote! 

I will post photos of the Light below. We are a smoke-free, dog friendly home. I did carry the bag a few times, but it looks beautiful. There is one tiny pen dot on the inside bottom as photographed. She is fresh out of a bath and all dry! 

The Envelope Sale will be open from the date of this posting till Monday, November 24th at 6:00 P.M. EST. You may enter multiple times. To do so, please send separate payments. You may want to space them out at different time intervals if you want really different numbers (ie 1, 35 VS 1, 2). At least 10 envelopes must be purchased before the drawing will proceed. If they aren't I will refund all money and try something else :). If you are in the US, I will cover the shipping cost. If you are in Canada or an International buyer, you must agree to pay the shipping costs to you. 

The funds from the envelope sale will be used to pay for our application fees and initial home study. I will update this blog with the total amount and confirmation when we start the process. I have been a Pink Lady since March 11, 2011, have feedback records, etc.

I also promise to post, in both the Pink Room and on the Facebook pages, progress on our adoption and when the baby arrives, I will most certainly be sharing those famous "baby in the bag" photos!
Even though I will be selling most of my Ju-Ju-Be, I look forward to the day when we are holding our newest little one and can shop for those cute BFFs and BePrepareds again! This baby will be a Ju-Ju-Be Baby! I may never have another OOAK but our little one will be my true OOAK :D 

And, for those of you who read my blog and have no clue what I am talking about, check out for their awesome products and information! 

*Ju-Ju-Be is no way affiliated with this post or the sale. I just love them :) 

This is Erin (Erinrachael26) and I (my Pink Room name is Pippy) the day we won our OOAKs back in 2012. Looking at this photo makes me realize how lucky I am to have had her (and how much I will miss her). I hope she goes to a mama who will love her as much as I have! 

Much Love <3, 

Priscilla aka "Pippy" 

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