Thursday, November 13, 2014

I've broken my own rule...

Well, I've done what I said I would never do...decorate for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving! However, I am full of several good excuses for throwing caution to the wind: my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their four kids are coming for Thanksgiving (!!! happy dance--and obviously I must do some decorating prior), Kurt will be out of town next week, and we're not putting THE TREE up yet--I mean, that's what counts right? Frankly, I've told Kurt and everyone else who rolls their eyes at me that I intend to celebrating Thanksgiving, and count my blessings just the same--only surrounded by these pretties! 

Why do I care about decorating? It's not very hard to answer that question. For me, it isn't about having the best or being so concerned with how our house can "look". It's more about celebrating home, family and, most of all, continuing the traditions that meant so much to my mom, dad and I. Many of you know I am an only child and I spent a great deal of time doing activities with my parents. One of those, and my favorite, was decorating for the holidays. I loved helping my dad check the big, bright bulbs each year, running around outside "helping" hang lights, making homemade outfits for the church Christmas play, decorating the tree, and baking. I remember falling asleep at night watching the colored bulbs shine through my frosty window with a profound sense of peace and love. Shouldn't one of the grandest celebrations we throw throughout the year be to celebrate the Savior's birth? So each year, I love to drag out my favorite items and remember the moment love poured down from Heaven and the blessings of home and family. 

Here are a few of my early projects! We did hit a snag when we realized that several of our boxes are still in our attic in Saint Louis! Good thing we didn't sell the house! I might have turned up on America's Most Wanted for murdering my husband-- just kidding! Hee hee! 

Forget those $100 decorated, lit garlands at the stores! I made my own from a $10 garland and a $12 bucket of ornaments! 

I love the 1950s and I think this love probably stems from watching "I Love Lucy" with my mom and from cherishing my grandmother's ornament collection that stems from the 50s-60s. So, I finally found my 1950s aluminum Christmas Tree! Sorry, Charlie Brown! This thing is even more awesome with the color wheel projector and the fact that the base rotates and can play a music-box version of Jingle Bells. Yes, that did drive us insane after about five minutes. I can't wait to add my grandmother's decorations and share those memories with my girls! 

When we moved into our new house, I went crazy with paint and settled on this creamy, light orange color for an accent wall in the living room. About two months later, it hit me. What in the world would I do with an orange wall at Christmas?! Well, this seems to work! I just replaced the fabric in my hoops with some Christmas versions and covered my "J" with,  you guessed it, aluminum foil :) It was a cheap and cute solution to my orange wall situation! Now, I just need to add some presents to the wire basket and nix the magazines and get my type writer back out--and add a typed letter to Santa, of course! 

I can't forget my Pyrex collection! Pieces have been few and far between this year, but I love this! My dad did buy me the cute cherry tea tray recently! He's the bestest! 

Savannah bought me this adorable tea towel last year! 

I'm also currently obsessed with 1950s-1970s Blow Molds. We're saving for adoption right now, so I haven't given into my desire since I got my tiny little Pumpkin man for Halloween. However, I am an only child and my dad can't help spoiling me. He loves to go to antique stores/malls as much as I do and bought me this adorable Santa, toy soldiers, and the candles. 

While we do have some Santa things in our house, we haven't pushed the idea too much with our girls. However, this guy did prompt some great conversations about the real St. Nicholas and about the reason we give gifts at Christmas. The girls have already had fun with their Little People Nativity (one of the best toys, for you moms!) and are talking about baking Jesus a birthday cake again this year! 

We're celebrating with even more joy this season, as we have decided to pursue a domestic adoption and are currently saving for all of the fees involved. This season of hope and love is truly overflowing in my heart as I think about how I have been graciously adopted into God's family and anticipate welcoming a new little person into our family! 

With a thankful heart, 


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  1. Oh my goodness- I love you christmas pyrex. So cute!

    And wow! Im so excited for you and your family!! That is amazing news. What a awesome new adventure.