Thursday, April 16, 2015

We're Active: Week 4

Yesterday, we entered into our 4th week of being active to be matched! The most eventful thing in our house this week was not adoption related, but stomach bug related!! Ugh! Last Tuesday, H's teacher called to say that we needed to pick her up from school as she had thrown up. She remained sick until Sunday! Friday, M came down with similar symptoms and is still having issues. Sunday, I caught the bug and while I felt better Monday and Tuesday, relapsed on Wednesday and am currently nesteled in my bed! Thankfully, K has managed to avoid the worst of it and only ran a low fever one evening. This is definitley one of the longest lasting bugs we've ever had!! 

We're planning on having a yard sale to raise money for our adoption costs this Saturday, since our subdivsion is also having their yearly sale. At first it looked to be a rainy day, but since the forecast looks great, I am going to try to muster enough strength to make it happen! Thankfully, my mom and dad took the girls for a few days so I can rest and my mom will help with the yard sale! She's amazing! 

Our t-shirt fundraiser is going fairly well so far! we've sold 15 shirts but we need to sell 50 total before they can be printed and we can earn our donations. We have 15 days left to sell them! If you're interested in purchasing one, click on the previous post for a link! 

On the adoption front, we found out we weren't matched with the last birth mom that we had chosen to present to, but were immediately sent another situation which we chose to present on. We'll see what happens! It seems like cases come in bunches and we saw a lot the first two weeks we were active and it has kind of slowed down somewhat. It's hard to be patient, especially when we hear about other matches, but then we remind ourselves that the goal of adopting for us is not self-satisfaction, but to be servants to God's desire for us to adopt and to be waiting with open arms for the child He has ordained for our family. 

Adoption is a hard, beautiful, purifying process. We know that we are at the beginning of a beautiful story that has already been written--and that is exciting! 

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