Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We're Active: Week #5

Today marks five weeks that we've been active to be matched. Things have been a little busier with several cases being sent to us. We're currently choosing to present on 4 of those. It's kind of hard to keep track of but we won't be presented simultaneously to birthmoms, so when or if they see our profile book depends on a lot of different factors. The process is crazy and I'm not sure how our consultants juggle everything! One day we might choose to present to a birthmom, over the next few days she might go MIA, then reappear with legitimate reasons...and we're "on" to present again. We've had birthmoms that did go missing and never reappear. We've had some "no" answers and we wait on others. It's totally a process that is out of our hands, which is both frustrating from the human aspect and liberating in another sense as we know God is truly knitting together our family...we really can't even pretend to have any control! 

We've also been laughing as almost all the situations we've seen are girls! We've joked before that we'd be an all girl family and it may very well be the case, even with adoption. We love everything about little girls, so if that is God's plan for us, bring on the bows and tutus! I am sure she'd turn out to be a good mix of girly girl and tomboy just like her sisters. 

Even though we were sick last week, we did manage to have our yard sale! My mom and two friends were gracious enough to help out. We raised $338! I am hopeful we'll be able to do another one this summer. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated items!!

Our t-shirt fundraiser is going well. We've sold 26 shirts and have 9 days left to sell 50. I really hope we can meet that goal. If we fail to a hit 50 then the shirts are never printed and we don't collect our donations (funds aren't collected until the campaign ends). I love the shirt design and am hopeful that we can do a photo book of friends and family wearing the shirts for our little one. Plus, I feel like the shirts are a great way to open up a conversation about adoption. If you'd like to buy one, you can click on the link to the post about "50 t-shirts in 20 days".

I feel like we've seen so many beautiful adoption stories lately. What joy they bring to my heart! While the waiting seems hard (because of my own human impatience to know all the details), it is a process that reminds me, rightly so, that I am not in control. 

Please continue to pray for financial needs to be met and for our birthmom and future son or daughter. 

**Brave Love Image belongs to FAC

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